Leigh Beckett Photography | Preparing for Your Photoshoot

Whether you are an actor, a professional model or a corporate executive; your headshot represents an investment and it's critical that it helps you achieve the results you are after. Together we can make a formidable team - and headshots are definitely a team effort! That's why it's important we both have a good understanding of the desired result and that everyone involved is able to work towards that outcome. To help in the process I've prepared a few notes that cover the most frequently asked questions...

What to wear? What to bring? and What to do?

What to Wear...

~Wear or bring the clothes that will help you achieve the look you are after. For example, character actors need to think about the roles they wish to pursue. Executives and professionals may look great in a baseball cap and tee-shirt but it's probably not the best look for a corporate website

~Wear clothes that look good and make you feel good. Nobody needs a headshot where they look stressed and uncomfortable

~Keep things simple. The headshot is about you and the way you look. The clothes are not the focus, they should just help you achieve the 'look' you're after and certainly not overwhelm you

~With simplicity in mind it's usually best to keep jewelry conservative and for actor headshots jewelry should be avoided unless it's for a particular character

~Solid colors work best so avoid intricate patterns and plaid. Also, definitely avoid anything with a logo

~Darker colors tend to photograph very well but ultimately you should wear the colors that you look best in

~Solid white can be difficult to work with against a white or high-key background so it's often better to break it up with another layer or an accessory

~Make sure your clothes look their best. This means clean and pressed when appropriate

What to Bring...

~Make sure you bring a brush or a comb - even if you have chosen to have a hair and makeup stylist present, sometimes you just feel you need to adjust your hair yourself

~Ladies in particular, bring your own makeup even if you have a stylist. You want to look and feel your best, which may be a challenge if your favorite shade of lipstick isn't available

~Bring the clothes you want to be photographed in. Also, bring the clothes you might want to be photographed in. It's better to bring too many clothes than not enough - options will give you confidence

~If you intend to be photographed with props, such as musical instruments etc, make sure you bring them and that they are complete

~A shoot may last several hours so bring a snack and anything else you may need to maintain your energy levels. Bottled water is provided 

What to Do...

~Take the time to think about how you want the photographs to look and what they need to achieve. As the photographer I can help you with that process and I'm available to have that conversation before you turn up for the shoot

~Get plenty of rest leading up to your shoot. You will certainly look better for it and a photoshoot, even a single-look corporate headshot, requires a surprising amount of effort

~Avoid alcohol for twenty-four hours before. It can make your skin and especially your eyes lose their luster

~Stay hydrated. You will definitely look and feel better if you keep your electrolytes in check so think about bringing a sports drink

~Avoid salty or heavily processed foods the day before as they can make your skin puffy

~Don't have your hair cut for at least a week before the shoot so that your style settles in and you are used to managing it

~Arrive ready to have some fun and try to enjoy the process because it really shows in the photos. The opposite is also true so don't get stressed out!